USANA Vitamins : from Calgary to Edmonton, Alberta

I first heard about USANA from my sister-in-law in Calgary, Alberta when we traveled down from Edmonton, Alberta.

Marie has been able to maintain optimal health by using USANA vitamins and I noticed a difference and I asked her what she was doing differently.

She explained that the USANA health products that she had been taking made all the difference for her. She encouraged me and my husband, from St.Albert, to start taking the USANA supplements as well. She explained how supplying the body with all the basic nutrients it needs, at the cell level, gives the body everything it needs to support healthy function in the body. Read more...

Home in Edmonton : What I noticed with USANA Vitamins

I looked into the reasons why these USANA vitamin and mineral products were so good and studied the science behind the product development. I realized that the USANA vitamins were so different from other products, of such a high quality, that I felt it would be wonderful to be able to let others know about them.

Home in Edmonton : Taste of USANA

Taste-of-USANA-Food-ShopI also love the nutritious shakes and bars. When I had a taste of USANA shakes and bars, I was amazed! They are delicious! Satisfying and healthy for you. My favourite is the Chocolate Nutrimeal with a Chocolate Fusion bar!


USANA Sensé Skin Care -perfect for Edmonton & Calgary

Shop USANA Sensé Skin Care
Living in Alberta, Canada (mostly in Edmonton) I used to be so frustrated with my skin and acne problems. I struggled to keep it looking healthy from the age of 12 right into my 50's.
I was very hesitant to use the Sense skin care, designed by USANA, because I felt it would be too rich for my skin.  However, so many people noticed improvements in my husbands skin from this line, I decided to try it as well.
The morning after applying the night time regimen, my skin was noticeably less oily.  It felt tighter and looked more radiant. 
What was really surprising, is that the longer I used this skin care, the more people told me how wonderful my skin looked and how healthy I looked!  In fact, my medical doctor actually asked if I went on holidays because my skin looked so good!

I invite you to try our easy-to-use Sense skin care and give your skin the benefits of pure, healthy ingredients for smoother, more radiant-looking skin. 
I welcome any questions you may have and would be happy to provide you with more detailed information. As a distributor of USANA products, I have access to scientific studies and medical authorities that can provide comprehensive material for your review.
Please feel free to contact me.
Best regards,

Faye-Despins-USANA-EdmontonFaye Despins, B.A.
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USANA Vitamins health story - from Calgary to Edmonton, Alberta 

Ray had been a Chartered Accountant in Edmonton, Alberta for almost 30 years and had been exposed to countless business opportunities including many home based business.

Shop-USANA-Essentials-Edmonton"When I saw the USANA Health Sciences opportunity and the products, I knew the company was unique and extremely valuable.

After further research about the founder, Dr. Wentz and his credentials and his commitment to excellence, I realized that what USANA offers is a gift of true health to those who will partake.

Because of the guaranteed potency, bioavailabilty ,and the unique formulation I firmly believe that the products are vital for every human being living on today's polluted planet.

After being on the USANA Essentials for about 3 months, I began to feel more energy and now am able to live a healthy lifestyle."


When I first started taking the USANA Essentials vitamins (the basic vitamin/mineral and antioxidant supplement) I noticed an increase in energy. I also found I was able to stay up later at night, sleep better and still wake up feeling refreshed in the morning. 


The Despins' USANA home based business in St.Albert, Alberta (Edmonton area)

We have a built a great USANA home based business within our home town of St.Albert, and in surrounding communities of Edmonton, Red Deer, Devon, Spruce Grove, Devon, Stony Plain, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, Morinville.  All over Alberta!

We love to travel to Montreal, Gatineau, Ottawa, Quebec City and other areas of Canada.  We would love to one day visit our team in Australia.

Please contact us to learn more about the USANA home based business and the USANA top rated vitamins. 

Ray-Despins-USANA-EdmontonRay Despins, B.Comm
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USANA - Work at home with family in St. Albert, Alberta

Work at home is terrific. Work at home with family is even better!!

We work closely in USANA with our daughter, Michelle Despins. Michelle, who currently lives in St.Albert, Alberta, went to University in Edmonton, Alberta.


We love working together as a family and would love to welcome you to our USANA family!

Ray Despins, B.Comm
Faye Despins, B.A.
Michelle Despins, B.Comm

USANA Independent Distributors in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for USANA vitamins (also Calgary area)

USANA Vitamins and Sensé Skin Care are available online or locally in Alberta & the rest of Canada.

Please contact for more available cities :

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Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo
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USANA : RESET your health!


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USANA Health Sciences is known for manufacturing the highest quality products backed by a potency guarantee. To ensure you and your family are receiving genuine world-class USANA products, purchase them only through your independent USANA Associate or
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